I am going to talk about inspiration. Have you ever felt it? Do you know what it is? Well for years I have been a motivated individual and have had a burning desire to improve myself and to take it to the next level. In many books that I have read there have been countless times they have mentioned "inspired action". I never really knew what that was until now. Inspiration is when a part of you inside is driving you to go to the next level. This feeling feels almost uncontrollable like an unfulfilled need that will not go left unnoticed. It is a feeling that when you feel tired, inspiration takes over and gives you the energy to keep going. It's when times feel tough and it seems like there is no way and this "inspiration" finds the intelligence and mental toughness to get you through. As salespeople we have all felt it. A goal that you wanted to achieve for more than just financial being or material wants, but an inner desire to feel that success. To feel that feeling of accomplishment is irreplaceable, every man and woman that has ever felt that will go to great lengths to get this feeling. Only "inspiration" can do this, when you get this feeling inside don't ignore it, use it to your advantage. Salespeople out there remember one thing, know what your true inner goal and driving is and go get that magical feeling of accomplishment! I AM PROUD TO BE A SALESPERSON

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