Today's Sales Economy

In this tougher economy as salespeople we truly have to step up our efforts. We need to understand people are in a panic right now and are severely afraid to spend their money on unnecessary items. So what does that mean? We have to ask the right questions, we have to build the true rapport, we have to make sure we have the clients and only the clients' best interest in mind. When people talk to salespeople we have to dig deeper and see what can truly make this client feel more comfortable when they sleep at night. Maybe it can be that new outfit that makes them feel more confident, maybe its that gadget that makes their work easier. Whatever it is, it is your job to find it and tailor your presentation and products to the customer. So many times including myself salespeople fall into the rut of thinking whats in it for me? That is the wrong question to ask when you have a prospect in front of you especially in times like this. Sales is a tough game and only the strong will survive or maybe the new generation of salespeople will be born. A generation that serves their clients so well and treats them like they are the only person in the world. The true sales warriors can see this time period as a time to fold or they can see this time period as a time to prosper and truly get people involved with some wonderful ideas and new products to change the world. Take the lead for prosperity is out there for the taking.

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