Asking for the sale

Asking for the sale can be absolutely intimidating if you are not accustomed to asking for the money. So many things are going on when its time to go through with the sale not only in the prospects mind but also the closers mind. Something that I have realized with this part of the sale is it is true that the inner belief of the salesman will dictate if he/she gets the sale. The inner belief of the sales person can be felt by the customer I am a firm believer in that. If the salesperson believes he is worth every penny and more when he asks for the money he will get the sale. If the person feels he/she is worth very little then when its time to ask for the money the customer will feel that energy and not buy. It all comes down to the confidence and how you present yourself. Many of my mentors in selling have hit on this topic and it is so important that it must be talked about. Some steps that have helped in improving in this area is knowing your product/service inside and out, integrity selling, and believing in your product so much that you would sell your own mother the product because you are so excited about it. A great question to ask yourself when you wake up in the morning is would I feel comfortable selling this to my mother? If the answer is no maybe you might want to look at selling something else.

The Importance of Trust

Trust in a sale is so important and obvious that I believe it often gets overlooked. For instance, when making a sale especially a larger order sale the time spent on the presentation and getting to know the prospect is crucial. Put yourself in the situation of the prospect if you are in a sales presentation and the amount of the investment is large wouldn't you feel more comfortable investing that money if you were able to get to know the sales rep and all the details that are involved. If the sales process is rushed it can kill a sale because there is not enough time to build real trust in not only the salesperson but also the product. The prospect will be left to think why is this person in such a rush to get me to buy?! Some tips on building more trust so that you can comfortably ask for the larger investment is ask more quality questions, spend more time with them demonstrating the benefits of your product or service, and use stories and testimonials of other clients.