Leveraging Your Sales Ability

Do you want to get even more powerful as a sales closer than ever before? Try teaching other people to close just like yourself and you are in the first stages of creating a sales empire. Think about it, if you were to be giving enough to share all of your expierences and expertise into someone else it can really make not only the person A LOT money, but also the company money. This automatically makes your value as a closer 2 or 3 times as much because every business and industry is always looking for great salespeople. Not only that, but by teaching other people it keeps you sharp on your sales game and you know the more practice you get the better you get. Some things to note is you must really test your patience because teaching people what you have learned over time in a shortened period can be overwhelming for the student. This will make you such a powerful closer because the attributes of a real closer are a mixture of many characteristics which patience is one of them. It can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience to see a person come up in the ranks and it's all because of your teachings. Talk about influencing people's lives.

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