Being in the "moment"

There are those times when the sales process seems almost effortless. This time frame is what is called being in the "moment". When doing a presentation the only person that matters is the person that is in front of you. If you can discipline yourself to ask creative questions find the areas that are the most important to the prospect and customize the presentation towards those areas, you are well on your way to having a successful career. Many times I have been in the prospects shoes when another salesman is trying to sell me and the only thing that seems to matter to him is what he has to say. That is the wrong way to go about it because it makes the prospect not only feel like the salesman does not care. but also it diminishes the rapport and trust which is key. If you do not gain the trust of the client in a sales presentation you can forget about earning their business. Some of the things that have worked in the past is forget about your quota forget about all worries outside of work and think about one thing and that is how can I find out where the pain is in this person and alleviate it in the best and most efficient way. Remember if you are a true sales superstar you care about people and their well being !!

Never Ending Learning

The funny thing about sales is the act of personal improvement and learning never ends. It is like the game of baseball you will never get a hit everytime and you will never sell every prospect but it is a never ending pursue of perfection that keeps you going.Every presentation can be done just with a little more enthusiasm, or you could of made one more follow up call. Learning comes from the discipline of reading or listening to tapes and cds of other successful people that have paved the way before. I believe it is extremely important to look at your performance on a day to day basis and truly find where your weaknesses are as well as your strengths. A key note is to not allow your ego to get in the way of a true measure of your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most valuable information that you will ever receive will be from someone looking from the outside in. The best person to evaluate your performance would be someone who is either more successful than you or an honest person who is not afraid to hurt your feelings. It can be hard sometimes to do this evaluation but it is worth its weight in gold.

The champions sales mentality

The key to getting the sales that you really want is having that positive attitude on a day to day basis. Think about the biggest sales days that you have ever had and I guarantee that your mentality was a relaxed and positive outlook and that energy was transferred into that clients. Its true you get what you think about if you are thinking of successful sales processes and how you can benefit your customer you will definitely put off that vibe and earn their business. The goal is to make yourself stand out from the other average salespeople who go out and just go through the motions without actually being the positive professional that people need. If you are serious about having big sales days and a big sales career every morning when you wake up think about what you want to accomplish and know that you will accomplish it