1. ASK FOR THE SALE- take charge of the situation confidently because the prospect wants to be led into the right buying situation and they need the salesperson's help in order to achieve that.

2. LISTEN TO THE OBJECTION- before the salesperson jumps in and assumes they know the objection already, take a moment to hear the client out and see where the problem lies.

3. ISOLATE THE OBJECTION- there are several ways to go about this but the number one thing that must be done is figuring out what the objection is because if the salespersons tries to overcome the wrong objection both the client and salesperson will be frustrated and the sale is not made.

4. STATE THE OBJECTION BACK- the power in this is to see if the salesperson and the prospect are on the same page and there is a mutual understanding. If that trust is built between the prospect and salesperson then the chance of the sale is more likely.

5. ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE OBJECTION- thoroughly go through the objection and make sure that nothing is left out as far as questions and concerns that the client has.

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