13 Characteristics of True Sales Closers

1. Energetic
2. Focused
3. Optimistic
4. Aggressive
5. Understanding
6. Relentless
7. Charismatic
8. Helpful
9. Caring

Leveraging Your Sales Ability

Do you want to get even more powerful as a sales closer than ever before? Try teaching other people to close just like yourself and you are in the first stages of creating a sales empire. Think about it, if you were to be giving enough to share all of your expierences and expertise into someone else it can really make not only the person A LOT money, but also the company money. This automatically makes your value as a closer 2 or 3 times as much because every business and industry is always looking for great salespeople. Not only that, but by teaching other people it keeps you sharp on your sales game and you know the more practice you get the better you get. Some things to note is you must really test your patience because teaching people what you have learned over time in a shortened period can be overwhelming for the student. This will make you such a powerful closer because the attributes of a real closer are a mixture of many characteristics which patience is one of them. It can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience to see a person come up in the ranks and it's all because of your teachings. Talk about influencing people's lives.

Today's Sales Economy

In this tougher economy as salespeople we truly have to step up our efforts. We need to understand people are in a panic right now and are severely afraid to spend their money on unnecessary items. So what does that mean? We have to ask the right questions, we have to build the true rapport, we have to make sure we have the clients and only the clients' best interest in mind. When people talk to salespeople we have to dig deeper and see what can truly make this client feel more comfortable when they sleep at night. Maybe it can be that new outfit that makes them feel more confident, maybe its that gadget that makes their work easier. Whatever it is, it is your job to find it and tailor your presentation and products to the customer. So many times including myself salespeople fall into the rut of thinking whats in it for me? That is the wrong question to ask when you have a prospect in front of you especially in times like this. Sales is a tough game and only the strong will survive or maybe the new generation of salespeople will be born. A generation that serves their clients so well and treats them like they are the only person in the world. The true sales warriors can see this time period as a time to fold or they can see this time period as a time to prosper and truly get people involved with some wonderful ideas and new products to change the world. Take the lead for prosperity is out there for the taking.

Kaizen Sales Method

Kaizen is a japanese philosophy that simply means the constant improvement on a day to day basis. In order to be the most successful you can be as a salesperson you must have the committment to being the best. There is just no other way to become the best than to just make the decision and do it. Sometimes it can be hard but often times I feel the constant satisfaction from knowing that I am getting better and better each day. Sales is a profession and a lifestyle which can equate with so many things. Each and everyday you can strive to be perfect but there will always be something that can be worked on to take it to the next level. Personally I have realized that by working on my craft daily it gives me the satisfaction as an individual that I am working toward a worthy goal. There may be some areas that can use some improvement and if you break it down to the mini tasks on what needs to be worked on daily a small amount of effort done consistently can surprisly grow to great accomplishments. As a mentor once told me "never get stuck in your own box". To all you salespeople out there who are in this profession to make a true difference use the kaizen sales method and watch your sales soar.

Doing What You Do Best

The times when you feel the happiest are going to be when you are doing what you do best. It gives you the confidence and the positive aura that really draws people to you. There is no doubt that if you were to dedicate your entire day to the things you do very very well you will be successful and happy. You will be in sync with your inner values and be highly satisfied at night when you look in the mirror. From a personal note when I devote all of my time to selling and helping people a different energy goes through my body. I feel excited, I feel like a professional athlete or performer feels when they are in the zone. If you focus on what you do best you will only prosper more and more because people love to do things that they are good at including myself. Give it some thought on what you do best and find ways to delegate other responsibilities to others so you can focus 110 percent of your effort on your strengths.


I am going to talk about inspiration. Have you ever felt it? Do you know what it is? Well for years I have been a motivated individual and have had a burning desire to improve myself and to take it to the next level. In many books that I have read there have been countless times they have mentioned "inspired action". I never really knew what that was until now. Inspiration is when a part of you inside is driving you to go to the next level. This feeling feels almost uncontrollable like an unfulfilled need that will not go left unnoticed. It is a feeling that when you feel tired, inspiration takes over and gives you the energy to keep going. It's when times feel tough and it seems like there is no way and this "inspiration" finds the intelligence and mental toughness to get you through. As salespeople we have all felt it. A goal that you wanted to achieve for more than just financial being or material wants, but an inner desire to feel that success. To feel that feeling of accomplishment is irreplaceable, every man and woman that has ever felt that will go to great lengths to get this feeling. Only "inspiration" can do this, when you get this feeling inside don't ignore it, use it to your advantage. Salespeople out there remember one thing, know what your true inner goal and driving is and go get that magical feeling of accomplishment! I AM PROUD TO BE A SALESPERSON