Selling Benefits

The way most people buy is they see a product or service and they think what will that do for me? Most people do not buy features they buy benefits. If you want to be more successful in selling then find out what is important to the person and show them how you can get the end result the person is looking for. There is nothing more annoying then going through a sales pitch and the salesman is telling you about all of the features a product or service does and you are not interested in any of those. In a way that is disrepectful to the person because it shows you have no interest in them and only one interest which is to sell them something. People are extremely scared to be around salespeople because most salespeople have absolutely no concept of how to bring about their offering. The usual way that people are sold are they get an offering and then get it shoved down their throat and then put in a situation where everyone feels uncomfortable. This is not selling! Ask them great creative questions see where the want or need is and provide that for them.
Look for the reasons why you bought many of your possessions and it is because they fulfill something for you. Whether it be emotional or just a plain need you bought it because you felt it would make you happier and your life more important. The values people have say alot to what's important in what people buy so find out what people charish the most and you will know exactly what they are looking for.