Seizing the Opportunity

When an opportunity shows up are you ready to seize it? Have you done all of the things that you can do to prepare you for your big break? Opportunities always seem to come when things are going tough and it seems like there is no break coming your way. It's funny how life works. Everything always works out but during the trials and tribulations they seem like they will never end. It's about having that faith to go through no matter what, just keep going forward is all that matters. Think progress and all of the people you can inspire while taking the actions towards your goal. I know that is my personal goal is to inspire to have people push their limits higher and higher. A friend of mine once told me there is no limit that you put in place with any goal you seek but the limit in your own mind, anything is possible. When you doubt yourself is usually when it is time to make that scary decision of saying yes to the uncertainty and doing the very thing you fear. Always look for the opportunities in everything you do because more often than not there are many of them waiting to be seized. Thank you

Accepting Status Quo ?

A question you can ask yourself today and everyday is are you accepting the staus quo? Be brutally honest with yourself and ask in what ways am I holding myself back? A lot of times I have learned that the only limits we put on ourselves are by things that we have heard from others and what has been done. Just because someone else has not done it does not mean that it cannot be done. Everyone has a brilliance inside that sometimes including myself does not let out, out of fear of rejection or not being accepted. Write down what your goals are and ask what are some other creative ways I can go about solving some of the obstacles that are in my way. Do not let ANYTHING stand in your way to allow you to accept the staus quo. If we are not moving forward we are moving backwards. This can be applied to soo many different aspects of our life not just business. Are you accepting status quo in your relationship/marriage? Are you accepting status quo in your workouts? Are you accepting status quo in your career/business? Are you accepting status quo in your spirituality? I know one thing that I do not ever want to do is accept where I am at as my final destination because that is an illusion. There is no destination only the journey and I know one thing I am becoming a better person because of it. Do not be afraid to be different or challenge the "facts" to push the limits. You may be the person who finds the breakthrough for something that changes the world and that may be a lofty goal or maybe that is your limited thinking that is talking to you, get rid of it and gooooo for it.

Greg Marshall

Showing Appreciation in Business and Life

Showing appreciation in business and life are so very much the same. There are so many things and times that you can take for granted. A lesson I have learned while studying some very interesting philosophies are that taking a step back to realize all of the great things that are happening in your life. There is a plethora of things right now either teaching you a lesson and/or guiding you through your life. Appreciate the hard times just as much as the glorious times because without the hard times you could not possibly be where you are at right now. They shape and mold you to be the best person you were meant to be. Do not forget to appreciate all of the people that were put in your life at the exact moment to teach you and give you support. Memories of coaches, parents, strangers, and friends all come to my mind especially when I face a challenge that I am unsure of and they guide me through. Appreciation is very much underrated and it is not shown enough in our society because we are all sooo busy doing things that seem so important yet, we don't stop to thank. Thanking someone for helping you or loving you or believing in you can truly make the receiver feel great. It reminds me of a song that Kanye West sang where he quotes "no one gets the flowers while they can still smell them". Always always always thank and show appreciation to people because none of us could do the great things we want to do alone. And when I say no one I mean even the most powerful figures in the world could not do what they do alone. They too have felt insecure, vulnerable, not good enough but still made it through because of someone or something believed in them. Today and for the rest of your life show appreciation tell people you value them and most of all enjoy it because it is what life is all about. THANK YOU