Kaizen Sales Method

Kaizen is a japanese philosophy that simply means the constant improvement on a day to day basis. In order to be the most successful you can be as a salesperson you must have the committment to being the best. There is just no other way to become the best than to just make the decision and do it. Sometimes it can be hard but often times I feel the constant satisfaction from knowing that I am getting better and better each day. Sales is a profession and a lifestyle which can equate with so many things. Each and everyday you can strive to be perfect but there will always be something that can be worked on to take it to the next level. Personally I have realized that by working on my craft daily it gives me the satisfaction as an individual that I am working toward a worthy goal. There may be some areas that can use some improvement and if you break it down to the mini tasks on what needs to be worked on daily a small amount of effort done consistently can surprisly grow to great accomplishments. As a mentor once told me "never get stuck in your own box". To all you salespeople out there who are in this profession to make a true difference use the kaizen sales method and watch your sales soar.

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