The Power of Giving to Get

Never underestimate this power because it can be one of the most important things you learn. Learning how to give takes discipline and a unselfish attitude. Sometimes I think the competitive nature in all of us is to win at a "whatever it takes mentality" therefore someone must lose. The problem with that is no one will ever want to be around you. You will not have any loyal followers or friends which in the end can truly hurt you. I recently learned that if you show people you care and give a little bit, your return can be much much larger than what you invested. I was taught this by one of my mentors and it has consistently worked for me in many cases. The golden rule of giving to get is you have to be genuine and want the other person to win as well. There has to be a certain value associated with what you are giving in order for this method to work. Isn't it sad that it is so rare for someone to give out a helping hand and show their concern for your success. I personally think there should be more givers out there in the world but that is just my personal opinion. I for one have always been afraid to give because I always feared loss but it is so far from the truth. This law is used in the most effective sense in selling or even in offering a product or service. Look at selling you have to give enthusiasm, energy, and a great offer in order for you to make a commission. The same goes for businesses, the most succssful ones in the world are the ones that keep giving their customers the best products and services. This power can be applied in anything never forget that. It's all relative.