Seizing the Opportunity

When an opportunity shows up are you ready to seize it? Have you done all of the things that you can do to prepare you for your big break? Opportunities always seem to come when things are going tough and it seems like there is no break coming your way. It's funny how life works. Everything always works out but during the trials and tribulations they seem like they will never end. It's about having that faith to go through no matter what, just keep going forward is all that matters. Think progress and all of the people you can inspire while taking the actions towards your goal. I know that is my personal goal is to inspire to have people push their limits higher and higher. A friend of mine once told me there is no limit that you put in place with any goal you seek but the limit in your own mind, anything is possible. When you doubt yourself is usually when it is time to make that scary decision of saying yes to the uncertainty and doing the very thing you fear. Always look for the opportunities in everything you do because more often than not there are many of them waiting to be seized. Thank you

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