Sales Reality!!

Sales is all about the reality of the situation and how to solve problems. Think about it selling is purely about asking and understanding the situation as it is and making a point to find the real world solution. Often times we can get caught up in a sugar coating of handling an objection or concern when what the person really needs is a caring dose of reality. Think of a situation where you were unsure of a solution and a friend or mentor gave you the answer and it was not necessarily what you wanted to hear but you knew you needed it. You were thankful for the honest advice and it could have solved your problem or even changed your life. You have to remember it is natural for human beings to want to take the easy road and avoid change. Everyone is guilty of it including myself and as salespeople remember we are doing people a disservice by sugar coating a problem or pretending that it is not very urgent. Keep in mind that in the selling situation you are the doctor and you must make the prescription. Do the right thing and sell people in the reality state.

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