Before you can actually start to achieve anything, you have to have goals laid out in order to measure them. There is nothing more important to creating success than having exciting goals that you are willing to push for. The goal has to be something that has a real value to you and if you accomplished it you would be extremely excited. A reason I believe most salespeople get unmotivated is because they do not have anything to strive for and lets face it sales is an exhausting game to play. If you do not have something at the end that you are striving towards that is worthwhile, then you are following the recipe for disaster. The hardest times I have ever had in sales are when I have reached a specific goal but then failed to come up with another goal to strive for that is exciting. True sales closers push themselves for higher and higher goals to achieve and its that inner drive to do one better than the last time that keeps us going. Think about some of the records that your organization or industry has and think what would it take to be on that elite list? How would you feel? I can tell you how I felt when I hit certain milestones, I could not sleep at night. I never felt such an overwhelmingly great feeling in my life because all of that hard work paid off in a great fashion. My personal goal goes above and beyond monetary goals, my goal is to be the most influential closer that I can possibly be. To me nothing is better in the world than competing against yourself and seeing that improvement. Take a moment and think what sales goals do you want to achieve? What will it take to achieve those sales goals? What can you prove to yourself? What can you prove to others? What benefit will you gain from achieving your goal? These are deep questions that will reveal personal needs that must be met. For me, its the need to feel like I am contributing or making an impact in others lives. WHATS YOURS?

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